Dolphins' Jarvis Landry 'wanted to scream' after seeing Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch

DAVIE, Fla. – Few NFL players know New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. as well as Miami Dolphins rookie receiver Jarvis Landry. The longtime friends were college teammates and roommates at LSU and, according to Landry, the pair talk daily.

That is why Landry has a unique and well-informed perspective on Beckham's amazing, one-handed touchdown catch in last Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Some are calling it one of the greatest catches in NFL history, and Landry agrees.

“We were walking through the airport when it flashed across to the screen. I wanted to immediately, my reaction, I wanted to scream,” Landry said. “But I’ve seen him make that catch countless times. It’s one of the things that we always worked on in college, just throwing to each other. So it’s wasn’t something that I didn’t expect he couldn’t do. He’s a freak.”

Landry texted Beckham while he was still playing Sunday night. They spoke about the astounding catch soon after New York’s game finished.

In many ways, Landry and Beckham pushed one another to become top receiver prospects in this year’s NFL draft. Beckham was a first-round pick in New York and Landry went to Miami in the second round.

Landry said he and Beckham started working on one-handed catches together at LSU and did it regularly during their college careers. It still remains an important part of both receivers’ pregame routine. Landry also said there was a highlight tape of cutups during his time at LSU with various one-handed catches by him and Beckham that is amazing to watch.

“For me and him, it was just one of those things that we always challenged each other with,” Landry said. “We were always so competitive with each other. If he made a catch, I wanted to make a catch. If I made a catch, he wanted to make a catch. It was just one of those things that allowed us to push each other in college and got us to this point right now and gave us the ability to make these plays that we’re making.”

Both rookie receivers are having productive seasons. Beckham has 41 receptions for 609 yards and five touchdowns; Landry has 49 receptions for 450 yards and five touchdowns. The pair continue to encourage each other from a distance.

“We talk literally every day, whether it's FaceTime, text or whatever," Landry said. "We talk and just kind of challenge each other mentally. We know the physical aspect is there. But I think our friendship and our brotherhood that we have is one of the strongest parts of our lives.”

Landry said he's proud of his close friend for making such an amazing play. He also explained Beckham is going through an adjustment this week becoming an overnight sports celebrity and a household name.

“Now he says he can’t even touch his phone,” Landry said of Beckham. “Every time he touches his phone it freezes because he’s getting texts and Instagrams and stuff like that. So I definitely think it’s a hectic time for making the ‘catch of the century.’”