Senior Bowl Q&A: Delaware TE Nick Boyle

MOBILE, Ala. – The 2015 Senior Bowl is in full swing as the top senior talent in the nation audition for NFL general managers, scouts and front-office personnel.

One under-the-radar prospect that stood out in practices was Delaware tight end Nick Boyle, who is a player the Miami Dolphins also interviewed this week. ESPN.com's Dolphins page caught up with Boyle this week to get his thoughts:

Question: What did you want to prove at the Senior Bowl and do you feel you accomplished your goal?

Boyle: Yeah, for the three practices obviously in limited time. I can’t believe the three practices fly by like that. But I really wanted to come out here from a small school and compete with the bigger schools. That's what people have a knock on [me] about -- you're not playing and blocking the big ends and linebackers. But here is a chance to come block the big guys and do well at it, as well as catch balls.

Question: What teams have you interviewed with?

Boyle: A lot of teams I can say. I interviewed with the Dolphins. I really enjoyed that. But I really enjoyed interviews with a lot of guys. The questions get repetitive after a while. But then you can have a pretty interesting one where they film you and try to get you off guard.

Question: What type of traits will you bring to an NFL team?

Boyle: The one thing being a bigger-body guy, [physicality] is what I have to have. If I’m not physical, what am I going to be? I’m a big body. So it would be worthless. So, yeah, I like to be physical blocking off the ball. I like blocking with my hand down to the ground. Then, also being able to catch balls and run routes, being a dual threat and be able to do multiple things.

Question: What kind of feedback are you getting from NFL coaches?

Boyle: I picked up the playbook really well and coaches noticed my physicality. The one thing I need to work on is probably being more fluid in my routes, knowing the leverage of linebackers, and learning how to create separation a little better. But a lot of people had good feedback for the most part this week, and that's mostly what I wanted to prove. Coming from Delaware, it's not a difference at all. I think I did that this week.