Can Josh Freeman push Dolphins backup QB Matt Moore?

There will be no shortage of talent and competition at the quarterback position when the Miami Dolphins take the field this offseason. The Dolphins have two former first-round picks in starter Ryan Tannehill (2012) and backup Josh Freeman (2009) and eight-year veteran Matt Moore.

Tannehill is the clear-cut, franchise starter. However, it remains to be seen if Freeman has enough left in the tank to push Moore as the No. 2 quarterback. On paper, signing Freeman appears to be nothing more than adding a "camp arm" who must struggle to make the team. But Freeman has a lot of natural ability where you can’t completely rule him out.

"My goal is to come here and become the best player I can," Freeman said during last week’s conference call with the Miami media. "Talking with the coaches yesterday, they are just all about everyone trying to get better at football, develop as a football player. That’s my goal. As far as spots on the depth chart, that’s up to the coaches."

I've seen my share of shaky No. 3 quarterbacks in Miami. The Dolphins can do a lot worse than Freeman as an emergency quarterback, especially in terms of pure talent.

Freeman admits that he's unfamiliar with Miami's offense under second-year offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. The Dolphins use a lot of quick-hitters and short and intermediate throws that doesn't seem to fit the strong-armed Freeman.

But Freeman, 27, said he's coming to Miami a more mature player and ready to learn after his experiences the past few seasons. Freeman was traded by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2013 and was out of football last season.

"I've learned a lot. How much time do you have?" Freeman explained. "When it comes to the NFL, it's constantly shifting from a standpoint of players, coaches, organizations. There's a lot that goes into the product that you guys see on Sundays. I've spent a lot of time watching different quarterbacks. I've spent a lot of time just watching the process and trying to formulate a plan that will allow me to be as successful as possible."