Former teammate Jordan Cameron says Johnny Manziel 'gets a bad rap'

DAVIE, Fla. – Cleveland Browns second-year quarterback Johnny Manziel continues to be a lightning rod in the media with nearly every public appearance.

But on Monday, one former teammate came to his defense and says Manziel is on the right path to turning his NFL career around.

“I think the fact that he admitted himself into somewhere to help him out is huge. I think it’s a very mature step in the process of him getting back to things,” Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron told ESPN.com. “I hope for the best for him. I think he’s a great guy. He gets a bad rap in the media.

“He’s a young kid, and I think that he’s going to mature and try to make it [in the NFL]. I think he’s on the right path for that.”

Cameron played with Manziel in Cleveland during a tumultuous 2014 season where Manziel flopped as a rookie quarterback. Manziel played in just five games, was 0-2 as a starter, and there were plenty of off-field issues that emerged.

ESPN.com’s Pat McManamon and Jeremy Fowler reported in January that Manziel had "a yearlong pattern that showed a lack of commitment and preparation. ... and a continued commitment to nightlife.” Manziel eventually checked himself into rehab in February.

Cameron said he knows Manziel as a person and there are good things that aren’t reported. Cameron also is optimistic about Manziel as a player if Manziel gets his personal life in order.

“He’s an athletic kid. He can do everything on the football field,” Cameron said. “I don’t know anything about quarterback, but I know he’s very athletic. You’ve seen that in his college career and some of the things he did last year.”