Rishard Matthews, Jamar Taylor fight in practice but no hard feelings afterward

DAVIE, Fla. -- The Miami Dolphins had a quiet start to training camp when it comes to fighting. However, things have picked up in the past two days.

Dolphins receiver Rishard Matthews and cornerback Jamar Taylor made for the second skirmish in two days during training camp. Matthews caught a pass and Taylor wrapped up the receiver. Once on the ground, the two began shoving each other and it escalated to the point where punches were thrown and teammates had to break it up. Miami defensive tackle Kendall Montgomery and right tackle Ja'Wuan James also fought on Monday.

It’s natural for tempers to flare during the hot days of training camp. But Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was most unhappy about the punches being thrown in both instances due to the risk of injury.

“You gotta be smart,” Philbin said. “It’s not intelligent to risk your health if you can’t control your emotions.”

It makes sense that Taylor and Matthews got it Tuesday. Both players have a chip on their shoulders and are competing for starting jobs this season. There was some trash-talking prior and it eventually led to the fight after the reception.

Matthews said it wasn’t a big deal after practice.

“It’s just brotherly love out there, you know, it happens,” Matthews said. “We’re out here in this heat competing against the same person every day. I’m surprised it hasn’t been more. But Coach Philbin has touched on that a lot. It happened and it’s over now. We’ll move on.”

Taylor added there was “no hard feelings” after the fight, but it’s a sign the Dolphins are ready to play a different opponent. Miami will have its preseason opener on Thursday night against the Chicago Bears.

“Definitely ready to play somebody else, and I know Rishard is, too,” Taylor said. “We’ve been kind of going at it the past couple weeks. That’s still my guy. I look forward to him making plays on Thursday and I look forward to making plays myself.”