Dolphins' Dan Campbell reflects on his Cowboys fandom

Miami Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell is in an interesting spot this week. A Texas native, Campbell gets to face his childhood team for the first time as head coach on Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys visit Sun Life Stadium.

"I was a huge Cowboys fan," Campbell said. "It was when I played for the Giants, when I started, that was always a weird game for me to play the Cowboys. But throughout the years it's like anything else. Now you're on the other side you don't really care, so you're just trying to win, and that's all that matters."

Who was Campbell's favorite Cowboys player growing up?

"That's pretty good. I want to say Tony Dorsett," Campbell said. "The high school years was certainly The Trio [Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin], but before that I loved Dorsett. I loved Danny White. That was kind of my growing-up era. I loved Randy White, [Ed] 'Too Tall' Jones. I mean I was a big fan of all those guys."

Campbell has bigger issues to worry about this weekend with the return of Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo. Campbell, who at 39 is the NFL's youngest coach, was actually a teammate of Romo's in Dallas.

In last week's win over the Eagles, the Dolphins did a good job pressuring Philadelphia quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. Miami had four sacks and 10 total hits on the quarterback. Bradford was knocked out of the game with a concussion.

Expect Romo to be one of the best quarterbacks the Dolphins face all season.

"Certainly it makes it better. I don't know how much better but just know, I know Romo, and the guy can hurt you," Campbell said. "And we'll see what kind of flow he's in, how he feels, but absolutely he can hurt you. And he can make those throws. He can work in the pocket. He can get out of the pocket. He's got weapons to go to. So he's certainly somebody that we have to try to put some pressure on early."