Three immediate questions facing new Dolphins coach Adam Gase

Adam Gase was introduced as the Miami Dolphins' new head coach on Saturday. He becomes the 12th person to fill that job.

The 37-year old has a lot on his plate. But here are the three most immediate questions facing Gase:

1. Who will be on Gase's staff?

The most important decision Gase makes in the next several weeks will be his defensive coordinator. Gase doesn't have expertise on that side of the football and will need someone to run his defense. Cincinnati Bengals defensive backs coach Vince Joseph is the most likely possibility to land in Miami. The hire at offensive coordinator is not nearly as important, considering the fact Gase has an offensive pedigree and will take over play-calling duties. That likely will reduce the quality of offensive coordinator Gase is able to land anyway.

2. Study Ryan Tannehill

Gase somewhat avoided questions Saturday when asked about his starting quarterback. Gase said he's only watched a small amount of tape on Tannehill when his teams in Denver and Chicago were opponents in the preseason and regular season. Gase didn't want to offer his full view of Tannehill until he went back and studied the Dolphins' 2015 season. That's understandable. But now is the time for Gase to sit down and find out what his quarterback needs to improve to get over the hump. A major reason for Gase's hire was his ability to work with quarterbacks. He's helped Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow. Now, Gase has another project on his hands in Tannehill, whose success with Gase will play a major role in the overall team's success.

3. What to do with Dan Campbell?

Gase is in an interesting spot with Campbell, who went 5-7 last season as Miami's interim head coach. Gase and Campbell competed for the same job. In fact, Campbell is very popular in Miami's locker room and many players publicly lobbied for Campbell to remain head coach. Gase has to decide if keeping Campbell around is more of an asset to him or a distraction. Gase will meet with Campbell soon and make his determination.