Dolphins' William Hayes has interesting thoughts on dinosaurs and the moon

Dinosaurs? Mermaids? The man on the moon?

New Miami Dolphins defensive end William Hayes has interesting theories on all of these topics.

Miami acquired the veteran defensive end in a trade this week with the Los Angeles Rams. The Dolphins sent Los Angeles a sixth-round draft pick in exchange for Hayes and a seventh-round pick.

In his first conference call with Miami-area media, Hayes described himself as a run-stuffing defensive end who will play a winning role on defense. But it was Hayes’ theories on several non-football topics that were most interesting.

For starters, Hayes does not believe dinosaurs existed despite fossil discoveries all over the world.

“This dinosaur thing I just can’t roll with,” the 31-year-old Hayes explained. “I go to the dinosaur museums and they tell me, ‘Oh, you see the fossils.’ Then, you might see one bone that’s the actual fossil they dug up and everything else is just pieces they put together around the fossil and created this T-rex.

“I went to the dinosaur museum and they told me most of the fossils on one dinosaur, everything was completely fake. It was just made up fossils and just a piece of a leg. But they create this big, massive creature. It just don’t make sense to me.”

Then there are mermaids: Fictional to most, but Hayes first explained on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” last summer that he isn’t so sure.

Hayes elaborated Friday on his interesting take.

“I don’t necessarily believe in mermaids, but I believe in the theory that there could be mermaids,” Hayes said. “The world is 80 percent water or something ridiculous like that. We only discovered just a small part of that. Every single day we pull out different species out of the ocean and we find different forms of life in the ocean.

“So my whole thing is, who is to say they can’t be an Ariel floating down in the water somewhere? At the end of the day, there’s certain areas of the ocean we can’t see.”

Hayes later cracked open another can of worms, if briefly: “I don’t think men ever went to the moon. ... I got plenty of theories. We can go all day.”

The Dolphins got a solid player in this trade who will add to their defensive-end rotation. It also appears that, in Hayes, they have one who will be fun to talk to next season.