Twitter ranting good or bad for Incognito?

Richie Incognito is at it again.

The Miami Dolphins guard went on a Twitter tirade Wednesday against former teammate Jonathan Martin, at a time when the NFL's investigation into the Dolphins' high-profile bullying scandal could be released within the next week or two.

But is Twitter ranting good or bad for Incognito? That was the first question I asked myself as Incognito went off on social media for the third time in a two-week span.

At this stage, Incognito and Martin are each trying to win the battle of public perception. Martin's doing a recent interview with Tony Dungy and NBC during Super Bowl week was a strategic move. Incognito's going off on Twitter the past couple of weeks is likely his way of either responding or launching his own pre-emptive strike.

On Wednesday, Incognito tweeted that the truth will "bury" Martin and alleged that Martin had suicidal thoughts last spring -- a serious claim that shouldn't be made publicly. Yet on Feb. 5, when Incognito's suspension was lifted, he took to Twitter to wish Martin well in his future.

Just last week, Incognito expressed frustration with the delayed release of the Wells report. So his tone often changes depending on the day. There is a good chance Incognito is on an emotional roller coaster during this trying process. Riding that emotional wave on Twitter, for all to see, would seem to offer no benefit to Incognito.