Odds on Vikings winning Super Bowl 50

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Vikings appeared to be headed in the right direction at the end of the 2014 season and could even be a chic playoff pick before the 2015 season, depending on how their offseason shakes out. But for now, there's still good money to be made on a bet that the Vikings will win their first Super Bowl next February in San Francisco.

Two oddsmakers -- William Hill U.S. and Pregame.com -- opened the Vikings as 60-1 shots to win Super Bowl 50, and Bovada.com gave the team a 40-1 chance. The Vikings are generally tied with the Chicago Bears for the longest odds in the NFC North, with the Detroit Lions anywhere from 22-1 to 33-1 and the Green Bay Packers sitting from 6-1 to 8-1.

The Vikings are getting quite a bit more respect than they did at this time last year, when the Las Vegas Hotel installed them as 100-1 shots to win Super Bowl XLIX. That's largely because of Teddy Bridgewater, one presumes, and the Vikings' odds could get even better with a few moves this offseason. Mostly, though, the odds are just for fun at this point.

Here's how R.J. Bell of Pregame.com has the entire league handicapped:

Seahawks: 6-1

Patriots: 7-1

Packers: 8-1

Broncos, Colts: 12-1

Cowboys: 18-1

Eagles: 25-1

Ravens, Steelers, 49ers, Saints, Lions: 30-1

Bengals: 35-1

Rams, Chiefs, Cardinals, Chargers, Giants: 40-1

Panthers, Dolphins: 45-1

Falcons, Texans: 50-1

Bears, Vikings: 60-1

Bills, Browns: 70-1

Jets: 125-1

Redskins: 140-1

Buccaneers: 200-1

Jaguars, Raiders, Titans: 300-1