Vikings Twitter mailbag part 2: Running backs and draft visits

MINNEAPOLIS -- Thanks to all of you who submitted questions for this week's Minnesota Vikings mailbag. You can submit them at any point during the week on Twitter, using the hashtag #VikingsMail.

@GoesslingESPN: Good morning, everyone. Hope you're having a great weekend. We'll get started here. From talking to a few people around the league, my sense has been that teams looking to trade for Adrian Peterson would have to start with a second-round pick just to show they're serious. We're probably talking about a second-rounder and something else (either a later pick or a player), at a minimum. I'm not sure if that market will be there, but I don't expect the Vikings are going to lower their price just to move Peterson. They want him back, believe he'll find it hard to turn down $12.75 million and don't want to run the risk that he comes back with a vengeance and runs for 2,000 yards with another team. Even if Peterson is upset with the situation, he's got too much professional pride and competitive fire to give less than his best, and the Vikings believe he could put them in position to make some noise next year. From what I've been able to gather, there's also some concern about trading him to a team they would face in 2015, where he'd have a chance to pull a Brett Favre and stick it to his old team (albeit not in the same division). With San Diego, Arizona and Oakland all on the 2015 schedule, those teams might have to overcome the Vikings' wariness about facing Peterson if they wanted to trade for him. Essentially, the Vikings aren't concerned enough with Peterson being a malcontent that they're looking to unload him at any price. It will take a good offer to get them to consider moving him.

@GoesslingESPN: Pre-draft visits can be a good indicator of the Vikings' interest, to an extent; they brought both Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater to town on visits last year, and spent time with Harrison Smith in 2012 before trading back into the first round to get him. But there also are plenty of picks the Vikings didn't bring in for visits before taking them. Sometimes the team is trying to learn enough about a player to rule him out, and the information the Vikings glean in pre-draft meetings can even come up in future years, when they're looking to land a player in free agency. Rick Spielman talked last year about how the Vikings had Linval Joseph in on a top-30 visit before the 2010 draft, and they used the information they learned at that point to help decide whether they wanted to sign him in 2014. Quite often, pre-draft visits are the best chance a team gets to spend extended time with a player before he enters the league, so the visits aren't always set up with the express purpose of drafting a player this year.

@GoesslingESPN: How about this? Watch the first night of the draft on ESPN, and head out to your local multiplex after that to catch the latest Avengers movie? The Walt Disney Company thanks you for your business. :-)

@GoesslingESPN: I doubt they'd take a running back that high. They have other needs, and this running back class is deep enough that I think they'd come back to address the position later, possibly with one of the picks they got in return for Peterson. Now, if they want Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon, they might have to think about taking one of them before the Chargers at No. 17 or the Cardinals at No. 24, but if the Vikings traded Peterson to one of those teams, that problem might take care of itself. In any case, I think 11 is too high to take a running back, when the Vikings already have a promising second-year player in Jerick McKinnon and a number of other positions they could address.

We'll wrap things up here for this edition, but as we did last week, we'll spend a little time this week with a longer look at one reader question I found particularly interesting. Enjoy your Sunday, and we'll talk tomorrow.