Mike Zimmer on 'Hard Knocks:' I think it's great for the fans

MINNEAPOLIS -- Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien's star turn on HBO's "Hard Knocks" has come from one of the same sources -- profanity -- that made Mike Zimmer a favorite of the cameras when the Cincinnati Bengals were on the show in 2009.

The show cast Zimmer as a fiery, foul-mouthed defensive coordinator at the time, but he's sought to show people he has a more nuanced personality than that since he became the Minnesota Vikings' head coach in January 2014.

Even so, Zimmer has said he enjoyed working with HBO on the series and wouldn't mind doing it again.

The coach didn't sound opposed to another run with the show Wednesday.

"I think it's great for the fans," Zimmer said.

Zimmer said he hasn't watched the show this year, where O'Brien's liberal use of profanity has turned him into a central figure. When he was first hired as the Vikings' head coach, it was clear Zimmer didn't want to just be known as "that coach from Hard Knocks."

"The people that do that show are extremely, extremely professional," he said when he was hired. "I have never worked with as many great media people as I did those three times. But they can kind of portray you anyway they want to, and obviously on the field I am going to be a fiery kind of guy at times when I feel that I need to [do so]."

The Vikings were eligible for "Hard Knocks" this year, as a team that didn't make the playoffs in 2014 or hire a new coach before this season. Without a postseason berth this year, they'd be eligible once again next season.