Charles Johnson hoping to be back for Vikings-Chiefs game

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Wide receiver Charles Johnson was inactive on Sunday in Denver and missed his fourth straight practice on Tuesday because of the rib injury he sustained against the San Diego Chargers. Johnson, however, was hopeful he'd be back on the field when the Vikings return from their bye week.

He was initially injured on the interception Teddy Bridgewater threw to Steve Williams in the first quarter of the Vikings' Sept. 27 win over the Chargers. Johnson tried to work back toward the jump ball that Bridgewater threw near the goal line, and said he didn't feel anything in his ribs until several plays later.

Asked if anything was broken, Johnson said, "I don't know what it is, actually. [The trainers] were like, 'Something's wrong with your ribs.' When I tried to [run] too fast, I could feel it, so they were like, 'Just rehab it.' Hopefully, they'll get me right, and I'll be back out there."

With time to rest during the Vikings' bye week, he sounded optimistic he'd be ready for the team's Oct. 18 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I was hoping to get back [for Denver], but unfortunately, I wasn't able to," Johnson said. "Now, I'm pushing towards Kansas City."