Stefon Diggs' offseason: Yoga and workouts with Teddy Bridgewater -- but no cooking

MINNEAPOLIS -- For a player with just one season of NFL experience, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs went into his first full offseason with a remarkably purposeful plan. Diggs mapped out a schedule of offseason workouts with his agent, returning to the Washington D.C. area to improve his speed and strength with the trainer he'd seen since high school.

"After my first year, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, what I wanted to get better at and how I was going to do it," Diggs said at the Vikings Winterfest in February. "My offseason's going to be real productive."

Still, there was room for some unplanned additions.

Diggs was convinced to try yoga, and after some initial skepticism, the 22-year-old receiver took a liking to it.

"It just makes your career longer, as far as being flexible and being able to move around a little bit and increase speed, and I like speed," he said.

He also tried to take greater command of his nutrition by learning to cook. That didn't go as well.

"I almost burned my house down, but it's all good," he said Sunday night at the Minnesota Football Awards banquet. "So I just stick to yoga and working out."

What was the dish that almost caused the fire?

"I'm not telling you," Diggs said. "It's an easy dish, and I'm embarrassed to say it."

Fair enough. Yoga it is.

Diggs, who was honored Sunday night as the Vikings' rookie of the year after catching 52 passes for 720 yards in 2015, never seemed terribly interested in the fuss over his performance after the Vikings selected him in the fifth round out of Maryland. He put up his best numbers in his first four games, before defenses started to focus on him, and he came into the offseason intent on being better in 2016.

He arrived at ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando last month for a set of workouts with Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and the team's other receivers, and said he'll head to South Florida during the Vikings' next offseason break to work out with Bridgewater.

"I’m not going to talk too much about work, but I guess you guys will see the finished product as we go on into this camp and as we turn over to this season,” Diggs said. “We still have a summer left to turn it up to another notch, and I look forward to that. You’ll get a little bit of taste in (organized team activities).”

Tasting Diggs' cooking, apparently, isn't going to happen. But the Vikings receiver believes the rest of his offseason will harvest some improvement in 2016.

"Coming into my second year, my main thing is to show growth -- show that I can be consistent and play at a high level all the time," Diggs said.