Duck, duck ... gray duck? Kyle Rudolph's TD celebration stirs up great debate

CHICAGO -- Kyle Rudolph got creative with the NFL’s relaxed rules on touchdown celebrations after connecting with Case Keenum for a 13-yard score in the third quarter of the Vikings' 20-17 win over the Bears.

The new rule allows for group demonstrations and for players to celebrate on the ground. Upon catching his second touchdown pass of the season, eight of Rudolph’s teammates sat in a circle in the end zone as the tight end struck up a good old-fashioned game of “duck, duck, goose.”

Or, is it “duck, duck, gray duck?”

Social media was set ablaze with fans debating the proper title of the nursery-school game. Rudolph came up with the idea in the huddle during the play before the Vikings scored.

“Apparently in Minnesota they call it duck, duck, gray duck,” Rudolph said. “We call it duck, duck, goose.”

Keenum loved the idea. Upon seeing other teams’ celebrations, the quarterback talked to his wife about wanting to come up with something creative for the Vikings to act out as a group.

He, too, has no idea what a gray duck is.

“It’s not gray duck. It’s goose,” Keenum said. “Where I’m from in Texas, it’s goose. Kyle called it duck, duck, goose in the huddle right before the play. Obviously Kyle is a goose fan as well. I’ve never actually heard of gray duck. What is a gray duck?”