ATH: Opinions differ on Christian Ponder

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There is no shortage of opinions or commentary when it comes to Christian Ponder. The third-year Vikings quarterback said on Wednesday that he tries to tune out many of the outside opinions, and had a little fun when talking about ESPN's Ron Jaworski putting him 27th in his preseason QB rankings. Ponder said the ranking was "probably rightfully so, with how I've played," and then did a little mock grumbling about us ESPN types.

"I know (how they are)," he joked before mentioning his wife, ESPN college football reporter Samantha Ponder. "I'm married to one."

Add former NFL GMs Jerry Angelo and Mike Tannenbaum to those weighing in on Ponder. They shared differing opinions of the quarterback with the St. Paul Pioneer Press today; Tannenbaum said he's seen positive signs, while Angelo offered some pointed criticism of Ponder.

"He's not a natural," Angelo said, "and the more you ask him to do, the more he'll look like a robot. There are too many times when he has to make a play and nothing happens."

The most common criticism of Ponder is that he doesn't have a natural feel for what to do when pressure comes, or a strong belief in his ability to make the tough throws. We're going to get into Ponder's progression some more later this morning, but Angelo's assessment certainly fits into the spectrum of what many people think could hold Ponder back. The 25-year-old will get his chance on Sunday to begin proving the doubters wrong.

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