Vikings protect selves with coach contracts

INDIANAPOLIS -- The fallout from the Wells report will continue to make its way through the NFL for months, but there is one immediate effect from the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin scandal that appears to have made its way to the Minnesota Vikings.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported on Thursday that teams are writing contracts for their new coaches differently because of what happened in Miami.

"Teams such as Minnesota and Cleveland have begun to use language in their new coaching contracts that forces assistants to act in a more tolerant way than some in the Dolphins organization did," Schefter reported. "The new added language in coaches' contracts is designed to limit liability if a Miami-like situation were to occur anywhere else."

The Vikings' situation, of course, could have been affected by the ongoing independent investigation of former punter Chris Kluwe's allegations against special teams coordinator Mike Priefer, which were levied just as the Vikings began their coaching search. The new language in coaching contracts would help the Vikings move swiftly if allegations like Kluwe's were found to be true, or a situation like the Dolphins' imbroglio happened in Minnesota. It's worth noting that Priefer is still working under his old contract, and likely doesn't have the new language in his deal, but the news from Schefter is at least a reflection that the Vikings are trying to cover themselves for the future.