Keith Law's 2016 MLB Mock Draft 3.0

Don't take the static nature of these mocks as any indication of certainty; if anything, it indicates my own uncertainty, and I'm not going to start moving names around just for the fun of it.

As with the past two mocks (mock draft 2.0 and mock draft 1.0), I have omitted some high school players who are first-round talents -- Joey Wentz and Nolan Jones among them -- but may slip to the sandwich or second round to be paid overslot bonuses by teams with extra picks. To see how I'd rank the players, check out my latest Big Board, posted Thursday.

Note: Click on a player's name to go to his player card, which has a full scouting report written by Eric Longenhagen.

1. Philadelphia Phillies
A.J. Puk, LHP

The Phillies still haven't decided on the first pick, and they could go in another direction (Kyle Lewis, Corey Ray, Mickey Moniak) here, but if I had to bet on one of them versus the field, it would be Puk. Meanwhile, the list of names they'd like to overpay at pick 42 keeps growing, including Wentz and Blake Rutherford.

2. Cincinnati Reds
Kyle Lewis, OF

If Puk gets here, I think the Reds take him; otherwise it's likely Lewis or Nick Senzel. Delvin Perez now appears to be out of the mix here.