Stadium Songs: Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen hears a song with a Latin feel before every home game. AP Photo/Dick Druckman

Every day of the baseball season, in seventh innings around the country, fans stand and sing lyrics that were written way back in 1908. The sheer shelf life of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" proves that America’s first pastime has long been intertwined with its tunes. But for a more unique connection between city and club, teams rely on their own traditions -- some newer, some older.

We decided to find out the one song that each team relies on to get fans on their feet.

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Miami Marlins

Song: “Marlins Tonight” by Emilio Estefan

Tradition: Played before the first pitch at Marlins Park

Fun facts:

• “We wanted the Latin feel and the Latin beat, and Emilio is Mr. Miami,” said Larry Blocker, director of game presentation and events.

• “It’s all based on the market,” Blocker said. “Kansas City is going to have different music than Miami. It depends on the demographics, and you always try to play music from every generation, so you have hit every genre and every decade at least once or twice in the course of the night.”

Bonus music:

• Each of the past four years, the Marlins have made a new song for the new season: Pitbull produced the customized song “Time to Represent” in 2009; Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Creed and a Marlins fan, adapted “You Will Soar” to “Marlins Will Soar” in 2010; Nonpoint released “Fear The Fish” for the team in 2011.