Stadium Songs: Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies, including shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, don't have much musical tradition. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In seventh innings around the country every day of the season, fans stand and sing lyrics that were written in 1908. The shelf life of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" proves that America’s pastime has long been intertwined with its tunes. But for a unique connection between city and club, teams rely on their own traditions -- some newer, some older.

We decided to find out the one song that each team relies on to get fans on their feet.

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Colorado Rockies

Song: “Hey Baby” by DJ Otzi

Tradition: Played during the seventh-inning stretch at Coors Field

Fun fact:

• The team chose the song for the 2007 season, in hopes of finding a tune the fan base would embrace.