Jeff Fisher plays bad cop in music video

New St Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher is known not only for a winning NFL track record and a winning mustache. He’s also got a pretty authoritative demeanor, especially when playing a cop.

This was evident when Fisher made his music video debut in “Microscope,” the new single by Goodbye June, a Nashville-based rock band whose album bearing the single went viral last month.

The video, which also features country music star Steve Holy as Fisher’s deputy, has the duo chasing down the the band for the minor offense of littering. What ensues is a high-speed chase -- almost "Dukes of Hazzard"-style -- except for one small difference: The band members of Goodbye June duck bullets from Fisher, a vigilante cop, before they smash their car and skirmish with guns in the Tennessee woods.

“The cars were probably traveling along, oh, maybe 5 miles an hour,” Fisher said, laughing. “I think they paid only about a couple hundred bucks for that Mercedes they rolled over and beat up on during the shoot. Obviously they sped things up once they edited the video.”

Not only was did Fisher get a thrill out of being in a car chase, he was delighted to work with Holy.

“I’m a big Steve Holy fan,” Fisher said. “What a great personality he is. Steve and I had a blast doing it.”

Although the band jokes that there was no need for a casting call –- Coach Fisher already had the right tough-guy look for the part -- it had a vision from the beginning for the song’s video and had pegged Fisher to be a part of it.

“We know Jeff as sort of a family friend,” said Goodbye June’s guitarist Tyler Baker, one of the three cousins who make up the band. “One day we caught up with him, just talking about things, and told him our ideas for the video. He loved it and asked how he could help."

Goodbye June’s video for "Microscope" was entirely shot in and around Fisher’s Nashville-area mountainside farm on one day in January.

Baker, along with his cousins and fellow band members Landon Milbourn (vocals) and Brandon Qualkenbush (lead guitar), put out the band’s new album, “Nor The Wild Music Flow” last month as the band gears up to support the record with a tour of the Midwest and South alongside a college radio blitz. Goodbye June’s sound is hard-driving but upbeat and optimistic, reminiscent of Soundgarden combined with tinges of The Kings of Leon and the Australian rock band Jet.

“We’re family, and so we can be brutally honest with each other,” Qualkenbush said. “That was a little hard to do at first, but it helps out songwriting and just is a part of our sound.”

In the meantime, Fisher has become a friend of the band and says he has seen it play live five or six times.

Fisher, an outdoorsman, took last year off after parting with the Tennessee Titans in 2010 after 16 seasons. During the time off, he kept in touch with the NFL but spent a lot of time with family and friends at his farm and on some trips to Montana. Fisher also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that provides support to severely injured service members by helping them transition to civilian life and take part in interactive outdoor rehabilitative retreats.

Back in St. Louis, the coach just wrapped up the Rams’ training camp on Wednesday.

“Working with Coach Fisher was a ball,” Milbourn said. “He’s a great person, and we’re glad to see him coach the Rams. We miss him here in Tennessee, but we’re rooting for him.”

Fisher also has Goodbye June’s back.

“We’ve got them scheduled to play a tailgate here in September,” Fisher said. “They’ve got a great future ahead of them. They're a lot of fun and are great guys.”