Video Premiere: Morgan Dorr's "4x4ever"

ESPN Music has teamed with Morgan Dorr to premiere the full-length lyric video for "4x4ever". Song sound familiar? Well, if you were one of the millions who tuned into Super Bowl 50, you likely heard the song in Jeep's latest ad!

Morgan Dorr, lead singer of Best of Friends, told ESPN Music all about his new solo project saying, "4x4 is a way to live life. Brave into the unknown. Working on this song intimately with Jeep and Brian Monaco at Sony/ATV was a process I'll never forget. They really care deeply about what they're doing, and to have all hands on deck made it magical."

"4x4ever" made headlines when Shazam announced it was the most Shazamed song from this year's Super Bowl. "I still can't believe the warm response to this song. So happy Jeep used it in the Super Bowl Commercial. It was really exciting to watch the game surrounded by my family and friends." Dorr continued, "Waiting for the commercial to air knowing millions of people will hear the song was the most surreal moment of my life. My manager sent me a screen shot, so did my mom, everyone was so proud. The Super Bowl is the holy grail for a musician, so I was blown away."

Morgan Dorr is an avid sports fan with a love for all things Red Sox, Patriots and the '85 Bears. "When I think about sports growing up, I think of a hot summer night watching the Red Sox with my Dad, window open and the warm breeze coming in. My Dad loves the Sox and in Boston being a Sox fan is a part of life. If you're lucky enough, you get to watch games at Fenway Park. I can smell the mustard just thinking about it. When the summer ends and it starts getting colder you know football is right around the corner and that means the Pats."

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