MLB All-Star Weekend Welcomes Grammy Nominated NEEDTOBREATHE to their Concert Series Stage

July is a busy month for NEEDTOBREATHE. Between releasing their 6th studio album, H A R D L O V E, and bringing their talents to the MLB All-Star Weekend Concert Series stage tomorrow, the South Carolina rock group has their bases fully loaded.

The Grammy-nominated group will be in good company this weekend, as they open for alternative rock group OneRepublic. In anticipation of the 87th MLB All-Star Game in San Diego, the league has stacked a lineup of free concerts that’ll please fans across the lines of genre.

Having last spoke with the band in March about their Annual Golf Charity Tournament, ESPN Music was able to catch up with NEEDTOBREATHE's lead singer, Bear Rinehart, about the All-Star Game and the band’s love of America’s favorite pastime.

According to Rinehart, playing at the MLB All-Star Concert resonates on a personal level. He says he and his brother, NEEDTOBREATHE guitarist, Bo Rinehart, grew up with diamond-shaped hearts.

“All of us played and are pretty huge fans. And when I say played, I mean we grew up with pitching machines in our backyards and spent every waking moment learning to hit the curve from each side of the plate,” Rinehart said.

The All-Star roster brings together the brightest and boldest stars in the MLB. While Rinehart’s a Braves fan, it’s not a Atlanta player that he’s the most excited to see. It’s a Boston one.

“Big Papi has to be the story this year for me, but how can you not want to see Trout and Harper go at it?” he said.

While Rinehart knows the Braves is in a transitional period, that doesn’t mean that he’s not keeping the faith. He’ll get a chance to watch Atlanta pitcher Julio Teheran play for the National League team next Tuesday.

“I know we're in a rebuilding year, but I think I've watched at least 80% of the games. It's fun for me to watch the young guys come up and get a chance. I can't wait to see what we can do in the next few years,” Rinehart said.

The band heads back on their headlining tour, Tour de Compadres, this August. The tour starts with a massive homecoming concert in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. On the track “Great Night,” the song features an appearance by Charleston-based folk group Shovels & Rope.

Keep up with the newest from the band on Twitter and make sure to check out H A R D L O V E, coming out next Friday, July 15th.

The MLB All-Star game is on July 12th. Make sure to tune into ESPN after the game to catch all the best highlights.