Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, Bobby Bones, Heats Up The Airwaves with ESPN Music

This year’s 131st Wimbledon Tournament fell nothing short of the heated summertime passionate tournament we were expecting! and that’s not the only thing heating up the summer - Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Bobby Bones, of “The Bobby Bones Show” was just announced as the youngest person ever to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Bobby also happens to be a longtime friend of former professional tennis player, Andy Roddick.

This month, we had the opportunity to interview “The Most Powerful Man In Country Music”- Forbes, country radio’s Bobby Bones. “The Bobby Bones Show” reaches over 5.1 Million weekly listeners across the country on iHeart Radio. It doesn’t stop there; he’s also an author, comedian, philanthropist, as well as, a recording artist with a #1 comedy album featuring several high profile country artists like Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley!

His creativity helped start his career when he was 17 years old at a radio station in Arkansas. Given that radio is his first love, he’s able to talk about anything he wants and capture his audience’s attention right off the bat. Bobby told ESPN Music, he's a “die hard sports fan” and since he’s a huge sports nerd, the decision to co-host a national radio show with Andy Roddick was a no-brainer. This was ideal because he didn’t have to prepare a lot. He told us how it felt natural hosting the show with a dear friend – especially since the show was focused on something they both hold so near and dear to their hearts, sports. The opportunity has helped develop him into to the star he is today. Bobby told us how on- air he always wants to be objective; that when you’re in the industry, you are either one of the people or one of the industry and he always tries to be one of the people even if it’s uncomfortable. He wants the audience to know the truth. Bones went on to tell us how when you spend a lot of time with an artist you tend to work well with each other; that grows and becomes a beneficial relationship on both ends.

This year, Bobby enjoyed the experience of hosting the iHeart Country Festival. Bones explained that the iHeart Country Festival was a lot of fun this year because he was able to do a lot of things: host, shoot a TV show and perform in the show. Since we labeled Bobby as a “Jack of All Trades”, we asked him what his favorite thing to do is, and he replied “The radio show is my first love because I get to be on air for 5 hours, free form, and talk about whatever I want! I want to make somebody laugh… cry… my goal is just to be compelling.”

Bobby enjoys the electric atmosphere in Nashville, because everyone in the Country Music community is so close. Since people are usually busy touring and working, Bobby told us how it's great when he gets the opportunity to catch up with people.

His philanthropic efforts were inspired from being on the road with his band and doing comedy. For example, one year, they were touring the country playing for charities and raised a couple $100K. To date, Bones has raised over $6 million total!

Since he’s on the road so much, Bobby says he stays up to date on sports by visiting ESPN.com. He loves the team feeds and Insider articles - which help out with his Fantasy sports. Bobby told us all about how he’s a huge Chicago Cubs fan and joked with us saying he spent all his money to going to his 1st World Series last year. He’s also a die hard Arkansas Razorback fan and has a tattoo of the state of Arkansas to prove it! Bobby looks forward to attending the International Tennis Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for Andy Roddick at the end of this month to show support for his dear friend.

For more on Bobby Bones and to check out The Bobby Bones Show, visit http://bobbybones.iheart.com/