Joey Dosik - Sports Fan and Music Man

From watching Magic Johnson in Great Western Forum as a child, to performing the National Anthem at Staples Center in 2017 and many key memories in between, there is no doubt that along with music, the Lakers and basketball have always been an essential part of Joey Dosik’s life. In February 2018, Dosik released an EP entitled Game Winner. He revealed that writing the EP was a form of therapy after having reconstructive surgery to fix a basketball injury. The title track, “Game Winner” was the first song he wrote after recovering and was inspired, to a certain extent, by ESPN. In August of 2018, the Los Angeles native released his first full-length album, Inside Voice. Inspired by classics like Carole King and Marvin Gaye, the album features the selflessly lyrical and undeniably beautiful, “Take Mine” and toe-tappingly groovy, “Don’t Want It to Be Over (ft. Coco O.),” that will definitely remind you that there really “ain’t no mountain high enough.” “Emergency Landing” is a soulful nod to The Beatles, while “In Heaven” could pay homage to The Doobie Brothers and Hall & Oats. Drawing from the freedom of Little Richard, and the work ethic of his favorite athletes, Joey Dosik, as declared by Quincy Jones, is without a doubt, an artist to watch. A clear expression of an affinity for the classics and an overarching grasp on the subtleties of life, Joey Dosik’s Inside Voice truly is a “Game Winner.”

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