Shovels & Rope - More Than Just Powderpuff

"I’m Coming Out,” a catchy, confident tune by songwriting rock duo, Shovels & Rope, is strong and confident in itself, but married to a music video with a great message and an even greater story. It is the beginning of a movement.

Michael Trent and Carry Ann Hearst, of Shovels & Rope, are the songwriting rock duo out of South Carolina behind “I’m Coming Out.” Originally inspired by Hearst’s pregnancy, the song quickly transformed into an empowering anthem encouraging people to be their true selves. Trent and Hearst met Michael Parks Randa, an award-winning music video director out of Brooklyn, through a mutual friend. Randa brought the vision and passion for a music video with a narrative that would bring a new light to an already empowering tune. The music video features two professional female tackle football teams, the South Carolina Smash and the New York Wolves, and not only highlights the athleticism and passion these women have for the sport of football, but also highlights the sense of sisterhood and family they have found through a sport that has been traditionally seen as a “man’s sport.” The hope of these teams, and teams like them, is to build a society where little girls can feel accepted and safe picking up a football and playing the game in a setting that is more than just powderpuffs.

Beyond just the game of football, with lyrics like “from a worm to a winged work of art,” the song is the epitome of the kind of strength athletes, especially young, female athletes, need today. It is a call to action for advocates, allies, and friends of the cause to step up and do their best to empower the people around them to “come out”, be who they are, and be hopeful they too will find a community where they can play along.

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