Lakers Daily Links: Monday

Kobe Bryant's final NBA All-Star game turns into a love fest as West rolls to historic 196-173 victory: Someone actually tried to defend Kobe Bryant in his final All-Star game, refusing to step aside and yield one last magical moment. Well, sort of. -- Los Angeles Times

NBA All-Star game: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant soaks it in for one last time: The glowing words struck Kobe Bryant as he heard Magic Johnson address his greatness. “There will never be another Kobe Bryant,” Johnson boasted. The two tribute videos explained why, showing a loop of plays that brought Bryant five NBA titles and endless memories. -- Los Angeles Daily News

D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson address Kobe Bryant teammate experience: The cheers represent the soundtrack to Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour. The endless video tributes provide the highlights. Bryant’s nostalgia as he reflects on his accomplished 20-year NBA career tells the story. -- Los Angeles Daily News

Kobe Bryant has 'great, great time' at his final All-Star game, but Russell Westbrook gets MVP: Russell Westbrook extended his arms and waved his hands, imploring the crowd to get louder. Louder, louder. Louder. -- The Orange County Register

NBA All-Star Game biggest stage in Kobe Bryant's march toward retirement: Kobe Bryant grinned as he leisurely looped his way around the court in a full-length layup line of Western Conference All-Stars. -- The Orange County Register

Kobe bids adieu to all-star career, says ‘game is in a beautiful place’: Kobe Bryant stood on the court, clapping his hands over his head in appreciation of the moment and the love, showered once again in applause as he walked off into the sunset of his NBA all-star game career. -- Toronto Star

A celebration of Kobe ... and of Canada, of course: On Monday the travelling circus — commissioner Adam Silver said there were an estimated 120 NBA players in town, or about a third of the active rostered players in the league, to say nothing of celebrities and the tourist trade — will leave Toronto, along with the polar vortex which descended on this city like a cosmic joke. -- Toronto Star

Kobe Bryant farewell tour exits Toronto post-ASG: With the entire building behind Kobe Bryant, perhaps it wasn't surprising that even the rims were friendly to the retiring great early on at the all-star game in Toronto on Sunday evening. After being feted with multiple videos and a speech from Magic Johnson before tipoff, Bryant's first field goal came after the ball whirled around the rim three times before dropping through. Bryant looked on, smiling. -- Toronto Sun