Knicks Daily Links: Tuesday

Peek at bombs-away Jimmer only relief before Carmelo rips Knicks: Carmelo Anthony is almost always the last player to leave the Knicks locker room. Monday night, when reporters were let in, an angry Anthony already was dressed at his locker, ready to get out of Dodge. That’s all you need to know about the miserable state of the Knicks and of Anthony, who appeared to question his teammates’ desire. -- New York Post

Fredette a hero to just about everyone except his coach: The upstate New York sharpshooter fulfilled “a dream’’ Monday, officially signing a 10-day contract with the Knicks and being activated for their game against Toronto. Fredette debuted in the final two minutes and promptly hit a 3-pointer in the Knicks’ 122-95 loss. -- New York Post

Jerian Grant gets rare chance to actually learn by doing: The situation is similar to that frustrating help-wanted ad that has tortured mankind for ages: “Company seeks 25-year-old with 30 years of experience.” So you get an idea how rookie Jerian Grant feels as a reserve Knicks point guard. The Knicks need him to know and master the position but have him learning on the bench, even if the best way to do it is by, well, doing it. -- New York Post

Why it’s infuriating the freakiest stories happen with the Knicks: These are the kinds of things that stick to troubled franchises like fly paper. Look, there is no law saying this can’t happen to, say, the Spurs. There is certainly a possibility that Gregg Popovich could get his Twitter account hacked. -- New York Post

Knicks blown out by Toronto Raptors in Jimmer Fredette’s debut: There was a lot of buzz about the backcourt Monday night during the Knicks’ 122-95 loss to the Raptors at Madison Square Garden. On one level, that made a lot of sense, given that the Raptors have the most devastating backcourt in the Eastern Conference in Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. -- Newsday

Jimmer Fredette gives Knicks fans reason to cheer in loss: With a minute and 49 seconds left in a game the Knicks were losing by 24, whatever was left of the sellout crowd at Madison Square Garden let out a gleeful roar. The long-sleeve T-shirt had come off to reveal the No. 32. They wanted Jimmer. They got Jimmer. -- Newsday

Kurt Rambis wants Sasha Vujacic more consistent in triangle: The Knicks haven’t gotten what they thought they would get from Sasha Vujacic this season. That was one takeaway from Kurt Rambis’ pregame news conference Monday. The Knicks signed Vujacic, 31, to a one-year contract in August. He had played in only two NBA games in the previous four seasons, though he had been playing overseas. -- Newsday

Jimmer Fredette plays final minutes of Knicks blowout loss to Raptors, Carmelo Anthony calls out team: On the five-year anniversary of the trade that brought Carmelo Anthony from Denver to his dysfunctional franchise, the telling storyline was that everybody – the media, the fans – were clamoring for a D-League call-up. That’s what this season has been reduced to for the Knicks, who were blown away Monday by the Raptors, 122-95, despite the excitement for Jimmer Fredette’s debut. -- New York Daily News

Kurt Rambis Twitter incident just the latest embarrassment in Phil Jackson’s Knicks tenure: James Dolan probably misses the days when it was the won-loss record of a Knicks head coach that made him blush, not their Twitter accounts. As the Knicks try to distance themselves from the off-the-court shenanigans of Derek Fisher, here comes an embarrassing story about the Twitter account of interim head coach Kurt Rambis “liking” a pornographic tweet. -- New York Daily News

Lionel Hollins believes Knicks’ target Mike Conley Jr. will chase financial security: The narrative surrounding Mike Conley Jr.’s upcoming free agency is always prefaced with a caution of loyalty: “He can never leave Memphis. He grew up around there,” the logic goes. “He was instrumental in Marc Gasol re-signing and he can’t ditch his friend.” However, the coach who groomed him into an NBA star, Lionel Hollins, believes the Knicks target will chase the money and financial security. -- New York Daily News

Knicks Summon Reinforcement but Fall Far Short of Raptors: The Toronto Raptors arrived at Madison Square Garden on Monday night with two All-Stars in their starting lineup, a glowing record and an offense that was capable of creating shots from every conceivable angle. -- The New York Times