Wednesday's Knicks Links: Porzingis to spend most of offseason in New York

Knicks-Carmelo Anthony divorce best for both parties: Three years ago, another Knicks season ended in the same place this one did, inside a deafening Indianapolis gym called Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The visitor’s locker room didn’t much look the way a professional locker room usually looks. This was more like the high school football team who just lost the state quarterfinals. -- New York Post

Rambis taking Zen-like approach to his Knicks coaching future: Despite his friendship with Phil Jackson, Kurt Rambis said he still has no idea if he’ll be back. He also didn’t know whether he will participate in exit meetings Wednesday and Thursday with Jackson and general manager Steve Mills. -- New York Post

Carmelo to Knicks: Don’t exclude me from free-agent talks: The Knicks’ miserable season ended Tuesday at Bankers Life Field House with a 102-90 loss to the Pacers, with Carmelo Anthony sitting out and saluting July’s free-agent list he has all but memorized. In what seemed like a warning, Anthony reiterated he wanted input during free agency, adding it’s only right he has a say if he’s going to be part of the team’s long-term future. -- New York Post

Porzingis falling in line with Knicks’ plans for ‘big offseason’: Knicks rookie phenom Kristaps Porzingis hasn’t made a final decision on whether to play for Latvia in July, but admitted he is leaning toward staying with the Knicks coaching staff to bulk up. -- New York Post

Anthony wants voice in team’s future: Another Knicks’ season came to a close Tuesday night and now Carmelo Anthony is ready to be an impact player off the court. Anthony said he looks at the free-agent list every day and made it clear that he wants input in what players the Knicks pursue this offseason. -- Newsday

Porzingis to stay in New York most of offseason: Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis said he will spend most of the offseason in New York working on his strength and overall game. Porzingis said he hasn’t decided whether he will play for the Latvian National Team this summer, but it sounds as if he’s leaning toward skipping it and will train to improve his individual skills. -- Newsday

After another lost season, Knicks left wondering where to go next: The latest incarnation of Knicks futility died off Tuesday. The season finale — a 102-90 defeat to the Pacers played without Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis — mercifully ended their campaign with a 32-50 record, a remarkable feat of ineptitude considering the team was at .500 after 44 games. -- New York Daily News

Anthony goes all in, demands to be part of Knicks’ decisions: Carmelo Anthony issued something of an ultimatum on the final day of another lost season, sending a stronger message to Phil Jackson about his desire to be part of the big summer decisions. “If I’m going to be a part of this organization and the future of this organization, then I want to be a part of the decision-making in some way shape or form,” the star said before sitting out Tuesday’s loss to the Pacers. -- New York Daily News

Knicks will go after players who fit triangle system: There is no gray area for the Knicks when it comes to adding players this summer. It’s all about the triangle. -- New York Daily News

Knicks Finish 32-50: ‘Little Bit Better’: The 2015-16 regular season — or Year One, as the Knicks have been calling it of late — came to a subdued end Tuesday. The peculiar nomenclature is a reference to the club’s rebuilding project under Phil Jackson, who took over as the team’s president in 2014, bringing with him a new system of basketball and a directive to reshape the organization almost from scratch. -- The New York Times