Thursday's Knicks Links: Who will stay and who will go?

Dolan-Jackson-Rambis triangle: Where do Knicks go from here?: Knicks owner James Dolan gambled on Phil Jackson as a novice team president and has lost his shirt. However, he’s not ready to cut his losses. -- New York Post

Knicks’ roster breakdown: Who will stay and who will go?: The Knicks have six free agents on their roster, two with opt-outs and a superstar player who has hinted at asking for a trade if things don’t go well this summer. Who’s coming back? -- New York Post

Knicks’ cap space hinges on two unique free-agency calls: Continuity or more cap space? It looks like the Knicks will get the cash with their two opt-out players — Arron Afflalo and Derrick Williams — possibly having played their final game with the team Tuesday night in Indianapolis. -- New York Post

Carmelo Anthony may need assist from James Dolan on next Knicks coach: Must see television would be MSG Network taking us live into Phil Jackson’s exit meetings with the Knicks on Thursday morning. From the looks of things Arron Afflalo’s heart-to-heart with Phil will be an all-timer. -- New York Daily News

Knicks should get clarity from Phil Jackson soon: The players, coaches and maybe even the Knicks fan base will have a clearer picture of team president Phil Jackson’s plan in the coming days. The Knicks’ regular season ended with Tuesday’s loss in Indiana. They finished 32-50, and are 49-115 in two years under Jackson’s watch. -- Newsday