Miami Heat's Justise Winslow, Josh Richardson form a hat club

Nick Friedell/ESPN

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Justise Winslow's confidence extends beyond the basketball floor. The second-year Miami Heat swingman strode up to his postgame news conference at the Orlando Summer League wearing a hat that sums up his attitude for himself and his game.

Stitched into the black hat were three words: "Really, Really Good."

"It's just sort of a lifestyle," Winslow said after Tuesday's summer league win over the Orlando Magic's blue team. "A kind of lifestyle motto -- Really, Really Good. Everything from the way I look, the way I play, to the way I carry myself off the court. Everything is just really, really good. It's more of a lifestyle."

Winslow wasn't the only one rocking a self-created hat. Heat guard Josh Richardson had one with the words "Hat Trick" emblazoned on it. Richardson said the pair got the idea by going into a Lids store one day and getting creative with their choice of words.

"I just liked it," Richardson said. "I made it. I went to the store, and I made it. I guess I've got a creative bone. ... I thought it was funny. There's no real significance to it. I was out, and I was like, "Oh, hat trick!" I've got to make a hat that says that."

Winslow was quick to point out that he has several other hat options.

"We got a bunch," he said, before rattling off several other embroidered hats from his burgeoning catalog. "I got a mood hat. Libations hat. I got a El Jefe hat. I got a NASA hat. I got a Shenanigans hats. I got everything. ... They'll be in stores soon."

As of now, Winslow and Richardson are the only two members of the Heat hat club, but Winslow said he is hopeful that the hats will find a bigger audience soon.

"I give them out to my friends and stuff. I got a Robin's House one," he said, referring to the name of the foundation started by Winslow and his mom, Robin, "that's probably the most popular one right now. But we'll figure something out to get them out to the community."

Richardson and Winslow are having fun with the hat creations as they continue to stand out as two of the best players in the Orlando Summer League.

"This hat was my idea," Richardson said. "He made his. We all kind of just make hats. It's kind of a fun thing. I don't know. A lot of people have little stuff that they do. ... Making hats is kind of what we do."