Tuesday's Knicks Links: Revamped roster excites Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony Is Using His Voice and Olympic Platform for Social Change: Carmelo Anthony said he was having trouble sleeping. In the aftermath of the fatal police shootings of two black men, followed by the retaliatory killings of five police officers in Dallas by a sniper, Anthony awoke in the middle of the night this month and logged on to his Instagram account. “Just started typing,” Anthony said Monday as the men’s national basketball team commenced its training camp in Las Vegas ahead of the Olympics next month in Brazil. -- The New York Times

Carmelo Anthony remains committed to change off the court: Carmelo Anthony remains committed to using his powerful voice to make a positive change in the community. Within the last two weeks the Knicks forward has already shown a willingness to speak out about gun violence and social injustice. “What I put out there on Instagram and what we did for the ESPYs … it sparked something,” Anthony said on Monday. -- New York Daily News

Carmelo Anthony excited about revamped Knicks roster, credits Phil Jackson and front office: Carmelo Anthony is cautiously optimistic that the Knicks can be a threat next season in the Eastern Conference, saying on Monday, “We have a very special team on paper right now.” Anthony spoke publicly for the first time since Knicks president Phil Jackson revamped the roster over the past four weeks. Jackson acquired point guard Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls on the night before the draft. -- New York Daily News

Carmelo Anthony is gushing over these Knicks: ‘Thank you, Phil’: The wait is over. The Knicks are back. So says Carmelo Anthony, who spoke for 20 minutes with a glowing Vegas review of Phil Jackson’s offseason moves. Saying Jackson “stepped up," Anthony called the Knicks “a playoff team,” adding the group is "a very special team on paper" and has its “competitive edge" back. -- New York Post

Carmelo Anthony’s ‘town hall’ plan for social change: Carmelo Anthony was asked more questions Monday about the racial tensions going on in the country than the fortunes of the Knicks and the Olympic team. Anthony received a mound of attention for his impassioned Instagram message that came out after a gunman killed five Dallas police officers this month. -- New York Post

Kevin Durant gives Knicks retrospective dose of reality: Kevin Durant was diplomatic, but made it clear it was his call not to meet with the Knicks earlier this month despite meeting with six clubs in the Hamptons — a train ride from the Garden. “Everything was my call," Durant said after the first day of the U.S. Olympic Team’s training camp. -- New York Post

Carmelo Anthony pledges to remain outspoken for peace: Carmelo Anthony wasn’t supposed to be at the ESPYs last week, but his Instagram post urging athletes to take action and demand change amid the growing violence in this country earned him an invite. Anthony joined his closest NBA friends, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, in opening the show by calling for change. Anthony said he will continue to be outspoken and take part in more public pleas for peace. -- Newsday

Carmelo Anthony: Knicks a playoff team on paper: Carmelo Anthony believes the Knicks have assembled a team that should make the playoffs next season, but he stopped short of saying how good they can be. The Knicks underwent another major facelift, bringing in three starters and nine new players in all. So Anthony is holding off on guarantees right now. -- Newsday

Knicks: Carmelo Anthony likes deals: Carmelo Anthony has become a bold voice on social issues. And Monday, speaking to reporters in Las Vegas, he spoke out boldly on the rebuilding of the New York Knicks. Anthony, practicing with the U.S. men's Olympic team, was pleased with the moves that Phil Jackson and the rest of the front office has made: bringing in 10 players in an effort to lift the team back from the struggles of the last two seasons. -- The Record