Thursday's Knicks Links: Jim Boeheim sold Carmelo Anthony on the Olympics

How this Plumlee will help the Knicks: You can excuse Duke and US Olympic Team coach Mike Krzyzewski for mixing up his Plumlees. After all, he’s had three of them. Now all the Plumlee brothers are in the NBA after the Knicks gave Marshall a guaranteed, minimum deal to come to training camp despite going undrafted last month. When The Post asked Coach K on Tuesday about Marshall’s new contract, the Duke coach went on a riff about eldest brother Miles Plumlee, who re-upped with the Bucks on Monday with a four-year, $52 million package. -- New York Post

Melo: Knicks’ shot at Wade was real — ‘If it was 2 days earlier…’: Not that Carmelo Anthony is pining for him, but the Knicks star thinks if the momentum for Dwyane Wade to leave Miami occurred earlier this month, the Knicks may have had the cap room to snare him. The Knicks had talks with Wade, but he ultimately signed a $23.5 million per year contract with his hometown Bulls. After the Joakim Noah signing, the Knicks would have needed to have been creative to open cap room and definitely would have had to forget about signing Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings, and they also would have had to renounce the rights to Lance Thomas. -- New York Post

The Jim Boeheim call to sell Carmelo Anthony on Olympics: Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said he knew Carmelo Anthony was wavering about playing in the 2016 Olympics given all the defections and health and safety concerns in Rio. So Boeheim placed a call to the player who helped him win the 2003 national championship to try to convince him Team USA needed him. Boeheim gave him all the reasons that the Olympic experience would give him momentum going into next season. -- New York Post