Wednesday's Clippers News: LA latest stop for Anderson's basketball journey

For the Clippers' Alan Anderson, basketball isn't just a job — it's been a journey: His basketball odyssey has taken him across the United States and to numerous destinations in Europe, his dream of playing professional basketball always pushing Alan Anderson to persevere when doubt and disappointment could have derailed his career. Anderson now makes his living with the LA Clippers, his fifth NBA team over an eight-year career. Even after signing with the Clippers as a free agent, Anderson has been tested again in training camp. -- Los Angeles Times

Clippers aren't fans of Donald Trump's 'locker room talk': Maybe it was the rhetoric about Muslims, refugees or immigrants. Maybe it was good old-fashioned partisanship. Or maybe it was an excuse used by Presidential candidate Donald Trump. However we got here, we’ve reached a point where the Clippers aren’t going to keep their opinions silent. When asked about leaked comments about women from the politician, a few Clippers didn’t hold back. In fact, they moved on him. -- The Orange County Register

Keeping the Clippers together this season made sense: The Los Angeles Clippers have been stuck on a treadmill for the past five seasons. One of the best teams over that span, the Clippers still haven’t managed to make it out of the second round of the playoffs in any of them. So now, with stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin entering what likely is their final year before both become unrestricted free agents (they each can opt out of their contracted final year, which is the 2017-18 season), what happens if this team once again fails to break through this season? -- The Washington Post