Report: Pistons likely to deal a PG

The Detroit Pistons have four point guards under contract and by the February deadline there is a good chance Steve Blake or Brandon Jennings will be traded. From David Mayo of MLive.com:

    "Trade possibilities are pinning the needle at point guard. It's difficult to imagine the Pistons not making a deal there. It might not happen until closer to the February trade deadline, but once Jennings returns, the Pistons could have three reserve point guards with trade value, Jennings on a high-value expiring contract, and Blake on a more affordable expiring contract. Blake was acquired to give the Pistons three healthy point guards to start the season. If there comes a point when both Blake and Jennings are healthy, moving one of them makes sense."

Jennings is reportedly recovering from a torn Achilles and he probably won't be cleared to play until sometime in December. Before we get to that time, the Pistons point guard depth chart will include Reggie Jackson as the starter, with Blake and Spencer Dinwiddie as the backups.

With Blake and Jennings working under expiring deals, both won't be with the Pistons past the 2015-16 season. Jennings will make $8.3 million this season, while Blake gets $2.1 million.