Report: Symposium helps rookies adjust to life in the NBA

Each year the NBA mandates rookies attend a symposium to educate them about what lies ahead in the future. This year was no exception and the youngsters representing the Utah Jazz found it to be a great learning experience. From Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune:

    "Basically, the symposium represented a crash course for rookies on what not to do off the floor in the NBA. It warns against the dangers and the trappings of the giltz and glamour of the NBA life. It advises on how to handle newfound wealth and fame. It advises on how to deal with women and how to adjust to life on the road. Every rookie is required to attend, as mandated by the NBA, which means Trey Lyles automatically went as Utah's lottery pick. Jack Cooley and Elijah Millsap — having stuck with the Jazz for most of the second half of last season — were there as well. ... As far as the NBA was concerned, this was serious stuff. Nobody could leave the hotel — a secret location. Nobody could consume alcohol and visitors weren't allowed. There were different topics discussed, as well as advice for how to handle life in the NBA. This included getting the proper amount of sleep; handling finances correctly; a correct manner in which to do charity work; and eating right. All have been important things for rookies to adjust to. All have in the past been known as difficult things for rookies to adjust to. ... If anything, the NBA has made it a point to educate its rookies and to make their adjustments to the league as easy as possible."