Coaches ranking: Harry Giles the clear No. 1 in Class of 2016

Harry Giles, Josh Jackson, and Thon Maker were lauded by a large consensus of Power 5 coaches. Getty Images, AP Images

Heading into the spring and summer, there was a major debate regarding the top of the 2016 class. The primary candidates were Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum and Josh Jackson, and there seemed to be a separation between that trio and the rest of the class. With the July recruiting period -- and the entire AAU season -- now over, it will soon be time to revamp the ESPN 100 for the class (the new rankings will be announced Aug. 26), and figure out the order prior to the school season.

But what do college coaches think? Do they see a clear-cut No. 1 prospect or a gap between the top three and everyone else? To find out, we reached out to 50 coaches who recruit high-major players -- "Power 5" coaches, plus coaches consistently at the top of the next four or five leagues -- and asked for their top three prospects in the 2016 class. A total of 12 players were mentioned.