Virginia, Villanova top teams that get the most from their recruiting classes

There’s a school of thought that says future NBA players and high-level talent are what wins in March -- but is there a correlation between recruiting five-star talents and churning out 25-win seasons or earning conference titles? Over the past couple of weeks, we have gone through ESPN’s ranking of the past four recruiting classes and taken a look at how recruiting classes have compared to results.

We put a little more focus on total wins and success over the course of a full season as opposed to a team getting hot and going on a run in March. One thing to note regarding the overachievers is that we left out some programs that put an emphasis on prospects that don’t impact our recruiting rankings. As a result, programs like Iowa State (transfers) and Gonzaga (European players) didn’t make the cut -- despite obviously overachieving compared to their recruiting class rankings.

Last week, we looked at five of the biggest underachievers. This week, it’s the overachievers.