#AskCoachB: Malik-Abu or Bentil?

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Great question, as both Abdul Malik-Abu and Ben Bentil are ESPN 100 recruits and terrific, prototypical power forwards who possess many similarities. First, they are both physically strong and powerful and play the game the same way -- with intensity and toughness. They understand who they are on the floor, which is so important to reaching one's potential. They are best in the paint and at the rim scoring with power, especially loud dunks, rebounding with two hands, defending and blocking shots.

Where the separation begins is that Malik-Abu has improved his skill level and can score now facing up to where he is a threat with a short jumper and even an occasional 3-pointer or drive from the high post.

Most coaches would love to be in the position to have either player. If I had to pick one for my team, it would be Malik-Abu because he is more productive due to his improved scoring skills.