LSU's Tiger Stadium voted toughest for visiting teams

LSU’s Tiger Stadium was voted as the toughest road environment for visiting teams in ESPN’s weekly college football poll of the FBS head coaches #1QFor128.

LSU’s Death Valley received 21 percent of the votes, more than doubling second-place Texas A&M, which received 9 percent of the votes in the poll, conducted by ESPN’s Brett McMurphy.

Behind LSU and Texas A&M was Oregon (6 percent) and a tie for fourth-place between Oklahoma and Wisconsin, with 5 percent each. Five schools finished tied for sixth with 4 percent each: Alabama, Clemson, Iowa, Ohio State and Virginia Tech.

Coming in at 11th place was Auburn, Tennessee and West Virginia at 3 percent each, and Florida, Penn State and South Carolina, at 2 percent each.

In all, 35 schools received votes.

The coaches from the Power 5 conferences (ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, SEC and Pac-12) overwhelming voted LSU as the toughest visiting stadium environment at 21 percent. SEC rival Alabama was tied for second among Power 5 coaches along with Clemson, Oregon and Wisconsin at 7 percent each.

The coaches from the Group of 5 conferences (American, Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt) chose LSU by a slim margin over Texas A&M, 22 to 16 percent. Ohio State, Oregon and Tennessee tied for third among the Group of 5 coaches with 6 percent each.

While the biggest stadiums from the more traditional programs received the majority of the votes, there were some unique answers from the coaches. Among the surprising schools that received at least one vote were: New Mexico State, Northwest Missouri State, Pittsburg (Kansas) State, Montana, Tennessee State and North Dakota State.

Of the 128 FBS coaches, 99 participated in this week’s poll.

What is the toughest road environment to play in?

LSU 21 percent

Texas A&M 9 percent

Oregon 6 percent

Oklahoma 5 percent

Wisconsin 5 percent

Alabama 4 percent

Clemson 4 percent

Iowa 4 percent

Ohio State 4 percent

Virginia Tech 4 percent

Auburn 3 percent

Tennessee 3 percent

West Virginia 3 percent

Florida 2 percent

Penn State 2 percent

South Carolina 2 percent

Schools that received 1 percent: Arizona, Arkansas, BYU, Kansas State, Marshall, Montana, Navy, Nebraska, New Mexico State, North Dakota State, Notre Dame, Northwest Missouri State, Oklahoma State, Pittsburg (Kan.) State, Syracuse, Tennessee State, Texas Tech, Utah, West Virginia.

Who the Power 5 coaches voted for

LSU 21 percent

Alabama 7 percent

Clemson 7 percent

Oregon 7 percent

Wisconsin 7 percent

Auburn 4 percent

Iowa 4 percent

Oklahoma 4 percent

Virginia Tech 4 percent

West Virginia 4 percent

Who the Group of 5 coaches voted for

LSU 22 percent

Texas A&M 16 percent

Ohio State 6 percent

Oregon 6 percent

Tennessee 6 percent

Iowa 4 percent

Oklahoma 4 percent

Virginia Tech 4 percent