Best Dabo Swinney/Steve Spurrier jabs

There are not many coaches in America who jab the way Steve Spurrier and Dabo Swinney do.

Nothing might epitomize that more than this Vine a South Carolina fan created. But while Spurrier has had the last laugh over Swinney and Clemson the past five years, there is one week when he keeps his darts squarely inside his pocket. That would be this week -- in the days leading up to the actual game. Both coaches have too much respect for the rivalry to let their own war of words get in the way.

Talkin' is for talkin' season, as Spurrier would say.

Now, that doesn't mean they fire shots at each other exclusively in the offseason. But if you look at the best barbs they have traded, none of them were spoken during game week. With the rivals meeting again Saturday, we thought it would be worth taking a look at the best trash talk between them.

1. October 2012: Spurrier says: "Most of our guys have never been to Death Valley. "That is the Death Valley, isn't it? Or is there another one around?"

Swinney responds: "I can see where he might have a little confusion. Our guys have never been to USC. California's a long way from here. … Got two Death Valleys and two USCs, but there's only one real one."

2. July 2014: At ACC Kickoff, Swinney is asked about his relationship with Spurrier. Swinney says: "He's from Pluto, and I'm from Mars."

Spurrier responds: "Dabo probably thinks there's only, what, nine planets out there? I think I read where Pluto may not be considered one now."

3. January 2014: After beating Wisconsin 34-24 in the Capital One Bowl, Spurrier said: "Hey, these two Capital One Bowls in a row are pretty nice, but that state championship ain't bad, either."

After beating Ohio State a few days later in the Discover Orange Bowl, Swinney responds: "We're the first team from South Carolina to ever win a BCS bowl."

Spurrier needed the last word on this one. In an interview with ESPN.com's Chris Low, Spurrier responds back: "I called [former Clemson coach] Danny Ford and said, 'Danny, does Dabo forget that Clemson in 1981 went down to the Orange Bowl, won the national championship and went undefeated?' They didn't call it a BCS bowl back then, but it was the same bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Orange Bowl has always been a major bowl."

4. November 2011: South Carolina play-by-play announcer Todd Ellis is quoted after South Carolina's 34-13 win over Clemson: "As Coach Spurrier says, we might not be LSU or Alabama, but we ain't Clemson, folks."

Told the remarks came from Spurrier, Swinney responds with lengthy commentary in a long rant before closing: "He is exactly right –- they ain't Alabama, they ain't LSU and they certainly are not Clemson. That is why [North] Carolina is in Chapel Hill, USC is in California and the university in this state always has been and always will be Clemson. It's right here in Clemson, South Carolina. You can print that. Tweet that."

Spurrier could not let this one go. In August 2013, he tells reporters: "At this time last year Dabo's favorite USC, Southern Cal, was preseason No. 1 in the country," Spurrier said. "I call them Dabo's favorite USC. But anyway, we are playing Dabo's favorite Carolina, too. He loves North Carolina and Southern Cal for some reason. I don't know."

Just a few weeks ago, Spurrier roiled Clemson fans when he asked for the score in the Tigers' game against Georgia Tech in his postgame interview following a win over Florida. "I guess the upstate team got beat today. Is that correct?" he asked reporters. When told the score and that quarterback Deshaun Watson got hurt again, Spurrier said, "Well, that game, looks like we're in better shape than we were two weeks ago, right?"

After his comments caused an uproar, Spurrier said he would try not to say anything to upset Clemson fans "at least the next two weeks." Time is about to run out.

That's what talkin' season is for, anyway.