Social reax to Rose blowout: Arby's shade, new Mighty Ducks and Winston memes

The second half of Thursday's College Football Playoff semifinal in the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual was an utter disaster for Florida State and a dream come true for Oregon. The Seminoles turned it over five times and the Ducks outscored them 41-7 en route to a 59-20 rout.

Twitter took notice. Oh, did it ever.

Actor Joshua Jackson, who played Charlie in "The Mighty Ducks" movies, was thoroughly impressed and willing to give his movie team's namesake over to Oregon.

Our very own Ted Miller even worked in a Hollywood reference as the Ducks began to pile it on in the second half.

Arby's randomly entered the conversation by making fun of Florida State's turnover issues.

One of those turnovers in particular drew the most attention on social media. When FSU quarterback Jameis Winston fell backward late in the third quarter and fumbled without any contact from an Oregon player, the masses on Twitter got creative. Among the memes:

And if you're on Twitter much, you knew this was coming ...

And if you're a wrestling fan, you know this was coming: A shout-out to Randy Orton's signature RKO move.

And finally, there was this. A sarcastic salute to Florida State's first loss in its past 30 games. (Which, oh by the way, is still a pretty darn impressive record.)