Let's go O-H-I-? As Buckeyes enter the field, final flag and cheerleader do not

Flag-Runner Fail: O-H-I-? (0:18)

During the pregame festivities of the College Football Championship, the Ohio State flag-runners forget to bring the "O" flag onto the field. (0:18)

Ohio State has the crowd advantage in Monday night's national championship game, but perhaps the Buckeyes were a little too excited to enter the field.

We spelled #OHIO wrong. Not a good start. Cmon Bucks!! #BucksNotDucks #UOvsOSU

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And video evidence of the Buckeyes' snafu.

Let's go!!!! Game time baby!!!! #BUCKEYESBABY

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Unfortunately it wasn't just a flag that got trampled as the OSU players entered the field. As you can see from these photos by Getty's Tom Pennington, that final "O" flag is on the ground, but so is a Buckeyes cheerleader.

She did get up, though, and is fine.