Michigan bride, Ohio State groom and one O-H-I-O at the Big House

Courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography

Stephanie and Mike Stout created their own “It’s not crazy, it’s sports” moment recently while taking their wedding pictures in the famed tunnel at Michigan Stadium.

Despite growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Stephanie is a Michigan fan, and Mike is an Ohio State fan. So Mike took the opportunity to show his Buckeyes allegiance by throwing up the O-H-I-O in the tunnel.

While Mike, a high school coach in the area, says the move wasn’t premeditated, Stephanie did have to concede to a few Ohio State-related items in the wedding for having the reception inside the stadium.

“As a football coach, he goes out at night with his friends, and we had just gotten a puppy. I stayed home with the dog while he went out with his friends,” she said. “When he got back home I asked if we could have our reception at Michigan Stadium. I knew when to ask, but he said yes -- if he could do some Buckeyes stuff.”

That included Ohio State socks and grey tuxes, and the groom even snuck in an Ohio State national championship flag strategically placed over a block M inside the stadium over the bar.

Stephanie said her new husband could have his fun as long as he didn’t do any actual damage.

She is used to compromise when it comes to sports, as she is a Detroit Tigers fan and Mike is a Cleveland Indians fan. He’s a Browns fan and she is a Patriots fan, which Mike adds is only because of former Wolverine Tom Brady.

The newlyweds made it through the wedding just fine, but now the natural progression after marriage moves to children. So who will their future children root for?

“We have an agreement that when it comes to baby clothes, whatever is clean will be worn,” Mike said. “But once they’re old enough, they will have the right to decide on their own to be Buckeyes.”