3-point stance: Cal QB Jared Goff graceful under pressure

1. If you apply Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule to Cal quarterback Jared Goff, you may find an explanation as to why the junior is so effective when he is pressured. According to ESPN Stats & Information, over the last two seasons, Goff has thrown 16 touchdowns and no interceptions when blitzed. Keep in mind that Goff has started all 29 games of his college career, and he already is the Bears’ career passing leader (9,101 yards). My point: Cal also allowed 62 sacks in his first two seasons. Goff may not have seen 10,000 blitzes, but he’s been on his back enough to know a blitz when he sees one.

2. I love that Alabama head coach Nick Saban berated those of us in the media Monday who doubted the Crimson Tide going into Georgia. It’s so nice to know he cares what we think. But seriously, Saban’s offense had sputtered for four games. Ole Miss scored 24 points off four turnovers, and the Rebels’ total yardage on those four drives came in well under 100 yards. So yes, before Saturday, we thought Alabama may have an SEC problem. But we found out all Alabama has is an Ole Miss problem.

3. What Saban is speaking to, and what Alabama has established for generations, is the expectation of greatness, being able to handle the good and put aside the bad. With that in mind, consider this comment from Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze in his press conference Monday: “I really thought after the Alabama game we had a good mindset. We weren’t too excited. But we certainly haven’t played the last two weeks with the same drive and passion to be an elite team that I think we have the ability to be.” I take that to mean the Rebels have to learn how to handle success.