Five things you need to know about James Madison football

GameDay Greatness: James Madison's statue (0:21)

With College GameDay on site at James Madison University, the GameDay crew takes a look at his statue on campus. (0:21)

All it took was one tweet.

Once College GameDay producer Lee Fitting so much as mentioned interest in bringing the show to his alma mater, students at James Madison University went on a Twitter crusade to make it happen.

And once homecoming was on the horizon, with a JMU team sporting an undefeated record, things only escalated.

Now that College GameDay has descended upon Harrisonburg, Virginia, Dukes fans are ready.

So for those of you thinking the FCS school was an obscure choice to host College GameDay, here are five things about JMU football to change your mind:

1. Students wear upside-down T-shirts

No, these aren't the result of a printing accident. JMU students are big on their fight song, and what better way to teach freshmen the touchdown tradition than by printing it on an easy-to-read T-shirt?

2. The team is pretty darn good

The Dukes are 7-0 and they're blowing their competition out of the water, averaging 48.7 points and 613 yards. The only close game this year came on the road against SMU, where a 48-45 win gave JMU its first victory over an FBS team since 2011 at Virginia Tech. Coach Everett Withers has created a powerhouse in his second year at Madison, and you've probably heard about quarterback Vad Lee. He's the current favorite to win the STATS National Player of the Year Award, after all.

3. Fans come armed with streamers

Anytime the Dukes score a point, the crowd makes it rain purple and gold while singing the fight song. The average home attendance is 19,585, and combined with the huge numbers this explosive offense is putting on the board, fans should expect to be covered by the end of the game.

4. The campus is stunningly beautiful

Located in the Shenandoah Valley, the campus has a picturesque backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Some buildings located on the Quad still have original bluestone from 1908, though one of the newer parts of campus is the renovated Bridgeforth Stadium and Zane Showker Field. In 2011, capacity was increased to 25,000, causing speculation that JMU was aiming to make a move to the FBS. With the spotlight on the Dukes and the stadium filled to capacity, the rumors have already been reignited.

5. The mascot is adorable

While he's depicted as a royal bulldog, the Duke Dog was actually chosen in 1947 as a tribute to then-University president Samuel P. Duke. The beloved mascot of James Madison is the subject of the school-wide favorite "J-M-U wish you had a Duke Dog" chant, and is a far better option for Lee Corso than the alternative.