Notre Dame brings its equipment truck to recruit Demetris Robertson's house

ESPN 300 wide receiver Demetris Robertson, the No. 62 overall prospect, stepped out of his house for a big surprise from Notre Dame recruiters this morning.

The Irish brought their full-sized, 18-wheeler, equipment truck to the four-star's neighborhood.

The final few days leading up to signing day means it’s the last push for college coaches to sway their top targets. Every trick in the bag and every show-stopping stunt is pulled out to get that big name prospect and Notre Dame might have just taken the cake when it comes to over the top.

Robertson was completely surprised that the staff brought the huge truck right to his house.

“I’m still smiling,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it, I’m still shocked. I didn’t get a chance to see what was in it, because I had to hurry off to school.”

Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Sanford tweeted a picture of the truck, referring to it as ‘NDOne.’

Robertson said the truck is planning to make its way over to his school as well and will be there most of the day.

With only a few days before the final dead period leading up to signing day, Notre Dame doesn’t have many targets remaining on their board. That affords the staff the opportunity to pull something like this off. So, maybe, the truck makes a few more appearances.