Nebraska high schoolers honor Faux Pelini with senior portraits

It's the greatest avatar of the greatest college football coaching Twitter parody account ever created.

You know it, I know it, and so does a recent group of Nebraska high school seniors.

The Class of 2016 at Mount Michael Benedictine School in Elkhorn, Nebraska, decided to devote their senior picture to Faux Pelini, the hilarious Twitter parody of former Nebraska Cornhuskers coach Bo Pelini. Mimicking Faux's avatar, all 56 Mount Michael seniors took their pictures wearing red plaid blazers, black turtlenecks and glasses, while holding a cat in their laps.

The image is, well, glorious.

It's a tradition for Mount Michael seniors to get creative for their class picture, which hangs in the hallway of the school, an all-boys college preparatory institution with some boarding students and some day students. David Peters, the head of the school, said previous classes have worn leopard stripes, pink and checkered blazers.

"It's just been outrageous," Peters said Friday. "Each year, they try to outdo the class before."

A student named Jacob Bova suggested the Faux Pelini theme and even volunteered his cat, Friskey.

"You have to make the photo cheesy, and one night after prayer, our dean asked us if we had any ideas," Bova told the Omaha World-Herald. "I said, 'Why don't we do a Faux Pelini-type thing and use my cat?' And everyone jumped on. Another kid said he had the glasses, and another kid said let's wear turtlenecks instead of button shirts."

Peters loved the idea. His only stipulation was that the pictures with Friskey couldn't appear in the school, only the yearbook.

"We all know about Faux Pelini," Peters said. "I don't follow him but my wife does. He’s hilarious.

Apparently, Friskey wasn't as excited as everyone else about the picture and tried to escape under the bleachers before reluctantly posing.

"She gave me the stink-eye for weeks after that," Bova told the World-Herald.

Faux Pelini provided ESPN.com this comment on Friday about the tribute: "If you had told me 10 years ago that a bunch of high school students would reference me by holding a cat in their school photo ... I would have been very confused. I'm honored in the weirdest way possible, and I hope the cat is not too scarred by the incident."

Good luck to Mount Michael's Class of 2017 in trying to top this.