Oregon DC Jim Leavitt excels at recruiting -- and laser tag?

The only thing more prevalent on Oregon defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt’s Twitter timeline than his Pepsi photos over the past two months were an unusually large number of photos of Leavitt playing laser tag (or in some cases, Leavitt after laser tag).

The 60-year-old coach, who helped turn around the Colorado defense over the past two seasons before recently taking the same job at Oregon, apparently used laser tag on the recruiting trail and became known -- at least among the Ducks' coaching staff -- as a force to be reckoned with.

“I was in there,” Oregon head coach Willie Taggart said. “Jim will get on the ground. He gets into it. He’s laying on the ground, sneaking up around the corner on you. I hate being on his team because he’ll shoot you, too.”

Based on the photo evidence, it appears Leavitt is more excited about laser tag than ... probably anyone else who has ever played laser tag.

And, like any good football coach will tell you, recovery is important -- even in laser tag. Looks as though Leavitt heeded that advice for his laser tag experiences.