Lane Kiffin trolls Nick Saban with 'rat poison' tweet

Lane Kiffin is not shy with his Twitter account, and while sometimes his tweets can take some time to figure out, his post on Monday was pretty direct. Kiffin tweeted the ESPN FPI chances for teams to win Conference USA, which has Kiffin’s Florida Atlantic atop the list, and included a troll of his former boss, Nick Saban.

“Please stop media,” Kiffin tweeted. “This is rat poison to our players!!”

The rat poison reference is a quote from Saban, who criticized the positive media coverage of his team after Alabama beat Texas A&M 27-19 this past Saturday.

"I'm trying to get our players to listen to me instead of you guys," Saban said in comments directed to reporters gathered in the postgame news conference. "All that stuff you write about how good we are? All that stuff they hear on ESPN? It's like poison. Like rat poison."

It’s not the first time Kiffin has used Twitter in a humorous way, as he once tweeted a gif of an orangutan dancing after saying it was a good day at FAU.

Kiffin also tried to coax NFL great, and former Tennessee Vol, Peyton Manning out of retirement to come to FAU as a grad transfer.

And sometimes, it’s just not very clear what Kiffin is talking about. Such as when he retweeted a stat about quarterbacks Tom Brady and Blake Bortles, neither of whom played at FAU, and included the caption, “Come to #thefaU.”

Luckily for Kiffin, Saban doesn’t have a Twitter account, so he likely won’t take the bait and fire back at his former offensive coordinator.